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GCal for Google Calendar

Gcal for Google Calendar is perfectly integrated to your Mac. With a direct access from the Dock or from the menu bar. The interface has been completely redesigned to match beautifully with your macOS, from the coloring to the fonts and other little things, because little details matter for a perfect experience. We have crafted as well a full responsive behavior which make resizing the window like magical.

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GDocs for Google Drive

The perfect Google Drive companion. Work easily with the best of G Suite, perfectly integrated to your Mac. Work more efficiently than ever before.

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GCal for Google Calendar

GCal for Google Calendar is the Best Mac app for Google Calendar.

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GDocs for Google Drive

The perfect Google Drive companion. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides... at your fingertips! Create, View, Share natively!

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What our customers say

I absolutely love your app! It's truly amazing and looks awesome!


This is one of the most awesome apps I've ever seen! Wish you luck Yellow Monkey guys!


Loving this! Thank you for the work you put into this.


The first Google Drive app that actually works.


This app is perfect.


This was a super simple way to do it and provided more features than some others on the App Store.

Creative Education

This app works great and makes it a lot easier to access and edit your google docs quickly.


I love this app, it hasn’t giving me any problems! Love the dark theme.